Tree Planting Day With My Family


Tree Planting Day With My Family.

Hi Everyone, On Saturday, 14th January 2023, we started the New Year by planting three trees in a country park near where I live. I thought it would be nice for my grandchildren to watch the trees grow over the years and when they have their own children, they can tell them I planted this tree. Hannah, 12 and a half and Bella, 8, chose Cherry Blossom Trees. Jeff, Hannah’s twin brother, didn’t come, so the girls, with the help of my son, planted his tree for him. It’s a mystery tree, as the ink on the label had rubbed off.

Two days and the night before we had had Gale force winds and torrential rain. I phoned the tree warden to see if the tree planting was going ahead and he said yes, So we all had to wear our wellies. (Wellington Boots.) I haven’t got any and so borrowed Daves’s fishing wellingtons which had an easy open side for getting them on and off. I managed in them and took my walking stick in case I needed it for balance, as it turned out I did. The paths to the enclosure were flooded slightly and very muddy. It started to rain and after a short while stopped. The wind dropped as we were in a sheltered area. When we arrived at the planting area, we could pick which tree my grandchildren wanted to plant. There were 6 varieties, and they came from a tree nursery a couple of miles away. You can read and listen about the tree nursery and read about planting trees in Eastleigh, England, here.

We all enjoyed joining in planting the trees, and the tree wardens were very helpful and informative. The area the trees were planted in had been full of brambles and weeds and was cleared and prepared for the trees.

The cream-coloured tubing over the whip (the name for a young tree) is to stop rabbits and deer from eating the roots and leaves. They stay on for about 3 years until the branches have leaves coming out of the top then they come off.

The trees are guaranteed for 2 years; if they die or are damaged during that time, Eastleigh Council will replace them.

We went for tea and homemade cakes afterwards at Janet and Stephen’s house and it was a lovely afternoon.

I took a video which was difficult as the ground was uneven.

Hope you enjoyed our family adventure. I AM hoping the first of many this year,

Love and Blessings, Lins xxx

Left to right- Bella, Kate (Jen’s partner.) Hannah and Jen. (my daughter)

My Son Stephen (Bella’s Dad) and Hannah.

gift for the trees for prosperity.

Our Family. -left to right- Me (Lins) Janet, Hannah, Jen, Kate, Bella and Stephen.

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