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Hi Everyone, We had a few days away staying next to Hurn Forest, next to the New Forest in Hampshire. I only took a few photos and a video near the entrance to the Holiday Park we stayed at. I walked Casper here every day and early morning you could hear all the birds singing, welcoming in the day.

Of course, the whole Council of Love came with us and I sent Archangel Uriel’s Silver Flame through the tree roots to Gaia and the whole area. I didn’t walk too far on my own but met some lovely local ladies walking their dogs each day. They were very friendly and Casper enjoyed meeting their dogs.

I have an affinity with Ferns. I used to use Fern and Ferny as a pen name when I wrote. I was pleased to see the forest ferns looking radiant and bushy as we have had a lot of dry hot weather. However, it always rains when we go on holiday and this time it poured down quite heavily for a day. I was surprised the forest paths and trails weren’t that muddy the next day.

This photo of the path through the forest is a story just waiting to be told. Where does it take you?

I was very enthralled when listening to  Linda Dillon channel Archangel Uriel in the July 2023 Heartcall on helping Gaia. Here is the link and the link to the transcript typed out by Ellen Nairn.



Here is a short video I took I hope you can feel the freshness in the air and enjoy the greenery.

There are so many wildfires across the world and heatwaves and the sea temperatures are rising. When at the end of Uriel’s message Linda said to ask Gaia what she needs and I did and I got the thought back help me to breathe. I have always been connected to trees and Uriel’s Silver ray and raindrops are enormous help.

This is a good meditation which I have posted on the Wednesday Peace and Healing Meditation at 9pm wherever You Are.


The video of the Forest I took.


Love and Silver Ray Blessings,

Lins xxx

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