Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

Take a walk on the wild side.

 In May 2019 we stayed on holiday at Sandford near Poole, Dorset. England. We were surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers at the caravan site we stayed at. It really was a nice place to stay that had very old trees. Casper loved his walks and met lots of doggie friends.

We were extremely lucky with the weather and it was sunny and warm but not too hot Monday to Thursday. On Wednesday we visited the RSPB nature reserve at Arne, Dorset.

As we drove down the single-car country road with ditches at the sides, the gorse bushes adding a beautiful splash of bright yellow against green foliage I said to my husband. “We’re going to have an adventure today. We haven’t had an adventure for a long time.”  Little did we know the day’s adventure before us, as like intrepid explorers of new places, we boldly parked the car where we have never been before!

We had planned to have a meal, drink and use the facilities and then have a wander around. We paid for the car park and also was given an additional car park ticket for the disabled car park nearer the shore which was half a mile away from that but had viewpoints on the way.

I thought I would walk Casper up the hill to the cafe and shop, Hubby could drive and I said I would meet him there. I gave him a carrier bag with our water and my phone in it for him to take in the car to save me carrying it up to the cafe. So, we went our separate ways, me with Casper and him with the car. It was a hot day, I had put sunscreen on, had my sunglasses and a sun hat on.

He thought I had meant I would meet him at the 2nd car park, I got to the cafe after a steep climb and waited around asking people if they had seen him. Meanwhile, he’s about a mile away asking people if they had seen me.

I went back to the car park and he wasn’t there, the guides let me use their phone to phone my mobile which was in the bag in the car but I couldn’t remember my number and when I tried twice it was wrong the second time there was no signal as it was a remote area.

I went back to the crossroads by the cafe hoping he would drive back. Along comes a walking couple who had met my husband and knew he was looking for me. They said the best route to take to meet him was up in this woodland and down a road which would take me to the point where they had seen him, I had a map so I could see where I was going but I didn’t realise how far it was. I kept going sure that he would still be at the disabled car park. I was keeping in the shade when there was some and carried on along this farm track in between two beautiful green fields with either wheat or grass growing in them. The countryside views were stunning and I saw some birds.  In the distance, I could see teachers and school children. I had passed another group of primary school children earlier.  So, I walked up a slight hill and back down again as we trundle on, me and my faithful Casper. I started to laugh and could see the funny side of it as nothing we do is straightforward when we go out. A bit further on I got angry and stomped away mumbling to the dog who I then snapped at for taking too long sniffing some hedgerow. I told myself out loud it was not fair for me to take it out on him and apologised to Casper who happily plodded on without a care in the world.

Eventually, I got to the disabled car park and OUR CAR WASN’T THERE!!!

As I was pondering which way to go I met some more walkers who said they had not long been along the path to the beach I was going to take and that there was nobody down there. They let me use their phone to call my mobile but I did have the number incorrect. They walked on and I decided to return. There was only one car left in that car park without any people in it so there was no chance of getting a lift back plus I had no idea of how long they would be. I started walking back the way I had come. The people I met walked much faster than I did as I was really struggling. So back up the hill we go and then I saw they had stopped by a car and were speaking to hubby who was coming my way. I took my hat off and waved it at him but he didn’t see me. I was so relieved when he picked me up. So was Casper, who didn’t make a sound on the way back to the holiday park we were staying at. I thought we were going to have an argument but I think neither of us thought it was worth it. Hubby jokes he keeps trying to lose me but I keep coming back, but he had been concerned. When I had gone one way he had not long driven in the opposite direction. He kept meeting people who had met me and had also gone back to the starting point and the assistants had told him I was going up to the cafe.

I told myself off once in the car because I totally ignored all the safety things to do when in the countryside. I had no mobile. More importantly, no water, no food and it was quite remote where I was walking and if I had collapsed, I may not have been found for a long time. I did stay on the track and road but it was still very irresponsible of me to walk like that. I simply didn’t realise how far I had to go.

It was indeed an adventure; one I could have done without. All this was over 3 hours Hubby reckons 4.

Back at our caravan, I couldn’t believe it when Hubby told me his mobile phone number was on Casper’s collar all the time!!!

Here are two videos of this beautiful place which I thought would be good to share here.




Which way now?

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A Visit To Saint Michael And All Angels Church, Somerton, Somerset. England.

A Visit To Saint Michael And All Angels Church, Somerton, Somerset. England.

On holiday at Thorny Lakes, near Mulcheney in Somerset, I was fortunate to be able to visit Saint Michael and All Angels Church in the market town of Somerton.

Somerton was once the capital of Wessex before Winchester and has a very rich history of early times in England. The emblem for Wessex is a Wyvern. (Dragon)

The monks of Mulcheney Abbey carved the nave ceiling of the church with Wyverns (dragons) in each archway of the ceiling leading to the altar There are many interesting bosses with carvings of Angels, The Greenman, Dragons, acorns, local crops and trades, and heraldry.

I sat in the 12th-century pews whilst looking for certain icons on the ceiling. It was very peaceful. Here are my photos from my visit.

Here is the Somerton link. It’s a lovely town to visit.


Exeter Cathedral Adventure.

Exeter Cathedral Adventure

by Lindsey Harrison

I AM taking an online course with Linda Dillon, of the Council of Love. Linda is an internationally acclaimed channel, teacher, author and healer.

She asked us to connect with Saint Peter to help us recall past lives and future lives. I was very pleased with this, as Saint Peter has always been one of my guides. I haven’t been very good at going back or forward to past lives. I had asked Saint Peter to help me with the past lives and to help me recall the Blessings and Virtues from each lifetime.

Well, our Corona Virus lockdown lifted a little, and people were allowed to stay overnight in another house. My sister, who hadn’t been anywhere for 14 months, decided she would come to visit my husband and I, and also spend some time with our children and grandchildren.

We all had a lovely time with my sister, and we laughed a lot. When my children and grandchildren came over to see my sister at separate times, we sat talking in the garden, as you could meet up to six people outside but not indoors. Everyone understood, and we were lucky to have some really sunny weather.

I frequently talk to the Council of Love members (the Council is God’s sacred alliance composed of archangels, saints, enlightened and ascended beings, and star family) as well as my guides.  I had been thinking about visiting my sister’s village’s church, where my niece was married and was interested in taking some photos of it, as there are Angels painted on the walls. I thought I could add it to a blog on visiting churches that I am planning to publish later this year.

I was going to mention this to my sister, but before I could, her daughter messaged her suggesting that when I visited them the following week, that I might like to go to see Exeter Cathedral which was only a 20-25 minute train ride away from her railway station. Aha! and so the plot thickens!

My sister and I left my home on a Friday and travelled by train to her home. She carried some of my bags, which was a big help.  It would take 2 hours for us to arrive at her home station, and we had to wear masks all that time unless we were eating or drinking.

Our train was held up, which caused us to miss our connection at Salisbury, so we had to wait 45 minutes for our next train. This gave us time to eat our sandwiches and take our masks off for a short while and visit the Ladies’ room.  We even had to wear our masks on the train platforms. We also had hand gel with us so we could clean our hands. I treated myself to a Costa Coffee and a muffin. It was a very good social distancing layout at the kiosk, and people were being very pleasant about it. There was hand gel in the waiting room which we used, as there was a really cold wind blowing on the platform.

I took my Kindle tablet and, after arriving at my sister’s home, looked up Exeter Cathedral and discovered that the Patron Saint for it is Saint Peter!  So that made me laugh. I think he wanted me to have a practical lesson on the Blessings and Virtues. There was a beautiful stained glass window with Saint Peter in the centre.

(Glass window featuring St. Peter.)

While travelling, I was able to experience Patience, as well as Compassion for someone who I asked Jesus to sit with for half of our journey.  I felt Gratitude for having plenty of room in our train carriage because a linking train from London had had 12 people standing because there weren’t enough trains running for a bank holiday weekend.  I also experienced Gratitude for being able to get something to eat, and that the toilets were open.

So, I had a lovely time, laughed a lot like families do, and sat outside in the garden, six meters away from my niece, who hadn’t had any Covid 19 vaccines. She is working from home and the area she lives in was experiencing delays with distributing the vaccines to residents. We didn’t want to expose my niece to Covid 19.

I sat in my sister’s garden with her two cats, Jinx and Mable. Mable was happy to cuddle with me and hung over my shoulder like a baby and was purring; that was so nice.  Jinx thought I was my sister.  His eyesight is not so good, so he bounded over to me and then slowly backed off when he realised I was not who he thought I was. Ha ha!  (Photo of me holding Mable and Jinx in the grass.)

We made plans to go to Exeter Cathedral on Thursday when the weather was not so hot. My sister booked an hour’s guided tour for 2 o’clock, and we boarded the 11:50 am train to Exeter armed with masks, hand gel, sandwiches, crisps (chips), bananas, and bottles of water. We had planned to have a cream tea at the Cathedral’s mobile café, which was a small van with some thin bistro chairs outside of it which weren’t comfortable for us, so as it happened, we didn’t have one.

Exeter Cathedral.

Now I AM not paranoid about catching Covid and take sensible precautions if I go out, but it was so good to take our masks off getting out of Exeter Railway station. We found ourselves in the town centre with a lot of cafes along the road, and half the road closed to make it more pedestrianized. It was packed with people shopping, eating outside, and full of students as well.  I wasn’t impressed and looked at all the people, hardly any of whom had masks on, and I put my mask back on. After I pointed out to my sister the number of people without masks, she did the same.  It was supposed to be a 6-minute walk to the Cathedral, but I walk slowly.

(Wearing my mask on the train.)

We walked down a very old alley and passed a Pub where Sir Frances Drake used to drink. We didn’t go in, but when Covid is gone, I AM going back, as I love old pubs (Taverns).

The Cathedral area was very busy as well and when we went into the Cathedral there were hardly any tourists inside. We arrived inside just before the Chaplain said prayers and blessed everyone and that was nice. We were lucky that we were the only two visitors on that tour of the Cathedral. Tour groups had been restricted to six people due to the Covid rules. Guides used to take groups of up to 25 people around at a time.

We had the loveliest “human” Angel show us around the Cathedral, and we got on really well with her.  The Cathedral has a rich history with so many types of architecture and wonderful areas we didn’t get a chance to see. The Lady Chapel was beautiful; I lit a candle for all children and the world there.

Photos- The front of Exeter Cathedral, John the Baptists, Painting of Saint Peter where you could light a candle.

Exeter Cathedral is amazing and left me in awe of the building and its history. My sister and I had a wonderful visit and tour, and we both would like to go there again.

Martyres Pulpit, with Saint Stephen, furthest right.

Now, I brought a guidebook and in it was a statue of a naked man showing everything holding a net. So I looked to see who it was a statue of and it was Saint Peter, based on him being a fisherman. In his time’s fishermen fished naked because when jumping in and out of the boats to pull their nets in, clothes were a nuisance. I read this in my book about Saint Peter.

So, we couldn’t find the statue of St. Peter on the tour, but on looking at the book again, it said it was on the top of the west tower. I have it in my photo, but poor Saint Peter, he must get cold up there, and why didn’t the sculptor drape the net over his front?  It was made in 1985 haha! As soon as we got back to my sister’s home and talked in the garden, my sister told my niece “What about Lindsey’s guide then.”  So it was a fun trip and a Courageous one.



Here is the link to Exeter Cathedral Virtual Tour. I hope you enjoy your visit.



The Walkers in the distance.Which way now?Lovely day for a walk.


I would like to share with you my morning of Joy that I had today.

My son unexpectedly popped in this morning after taking my granddaughter to school. On talking of what I would like for my birthday he suggested a Bungy jump, a Balloon ride and a Helicopter ride. The result was a hilarious conversation with him doing impersonations of me whilst talking about all three.

A short while later I took Casper to our local large park and it was a beautiful morning with shade from the trees as the sun was hot. It brought me and Casper and everyone in the park so much joy. People were smiling and chatty (at a distance.) Dogs were having a whale of a time.

At this park, there is a council-run hire of cycles for disadvantaged people and they were so enjoying riding around the park. It had been closed for a year.  A walking group of older people also passed us as they crossed the bridge over the Monks Brook which most of the dogs like to paddle in. The dogs having fun and getting on well always makes people smile and warms my heart.

I took a video of Casper and am sharing it in the comments. It would have been longer but I forgot to press record. (Ha Ha.)

I’ll add some photos as well.

It seems to me that it is the simplest things that bring us Joy especially with nature.

Joyful Blessings, Lins and Casper. xxx


About Me


Hello to you, Here is a little bit about me.

My name is Lindsey Harrison, I like to write and though it would be good to share my stories and poetry. I was the founder host of Flying with Angels on Cathies Distant Echos along with Riana Geoge the shows second host. There were two hosts  Riana and I. I enjoyed it and we had the shows going for ten years with a just short break. It was fun.

I AM an intuitive Angel Oracle and Tarot Card Reader. A Usui Reiki Master, A 13th Octave LaHoChi initiate (Energy Healing) I walk and work with the Divine Mother, Ascended Masters, Archangel’s and people in spirit. I AM a natural medium and healer and I AM very intuitive.

I AM 65 married with two grown-up children and three grandchildren. Plus we have a lovely West Highland Terrier called Casper, who I AM giving his own blog spot.

This space is to share my writings with whoever comes by. “So Hi Yer! It’s good to see you!”

I like to be called Lins. You can call me whatever you like, as long as it’s not late for dinner.

Love and Blessings,

Lins xxx

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