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The Earth Our Home.


The Earth Our Home.


A gentle breeze does touch my face.

Within my heart, God’s loving embrace,

Of peace, of love for everything.

Joyously, this love does sing.

Beneath my feet on soft green grass,

The love of Mother for all that ask,

For all who care just walk as one.

Enjoy the trees, the flowers, the sun.

Sweet Mother Earth, our life, our home.

Feel her heart wherever you roam.

By still waters, always a calming place,

Send Mother Earth love and feel her grace.

For she will smile, as will God above,

Filling your heart with so much love.

And the angels sing to all that hear,

Feel us in your hearts, we are always near.

To help you and to hold you in God’s love,

We send to you a peaceful dove.

To fly around the world with you,

God Bless You and all you do.


Written By Lindsey. P. Harrison