Weekly Card Reading For 11th July -17th July 2022.


Weekly Card Reading 11th July -17 July 2022


This week is overseen by Lord Maitreya.

Known as the World Teacher alongside Jesus and Lord Kuthumi he is always there to help with his wisdom and knowledge.

Love and Blessings,

Lins xxx

Monday 11th July 2022.

Tuesday 12th July 2022.












Activating Our Tri-Flame-Meditation channelled by Linda Dillon

Wednesday 13th July 2022

Thursday 14th July 2022.

Friday  15th July 2022

Saturday 16th July 2022.

Sanat Kumara

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Sunday 17th July 2022.

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Weekly Angel Card Reading. Monday 6th June -Sunday 12th June 2022

Weekly Angel Card Reading. Monday 6th June- Sunday 12th June 2022.

Overseeing Ascended Master for this week. Quan Yin.

Card Decks, Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Sacred Inspirations, Council Of Love, By Linda Dillon.

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first Weekly Angel Card Reading.

Each week I will choose with my guides the deck I shall be using for the card reading for each day of the week.

I will also be guided to pick a card from the Council Of Love Deck, Sacred Inspirations, to see which Ascended Master or Archangel is stepping forward to assist us during the week.

I hope you enjoy the readings.

Card readings are not set in stone and can change due to outside factors. You are responsible for your own health and the proper professional should be sought should you need medical assistance of any type.

These card readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Lindsey Harrison. (Lins)

Archangel Raphael reading 6th June-13th June 2022 Overseeing Master Quan Yin.

Monday 6th June.

If you need a helping hand to get motivated, ask Archangel Raphael to help you up. Lean on the tree of life and ask that all be well and calm, and you will have clear roads ahead. It is a lovely day to get some fresh air, listen to birds singing and take some time to smell the roses. Unless you are allergic to plants and then just admire their perfection.

Tuesday 7th June.

Caffeine Free, shows a young Archangel Raphael flying high on his Unicorn as he doesn’t need caffeine to keep him going. Archangel Raphael asks you to cut back on your caffeine intake and honour your body’s natural energy.

Wednesday 8th June.

Use your natural healing abilities. Everyone has natural healing abilities which come from our heart centre. You may not be a trained healer but there are so many ways you can use your natural healing abilities. For example, listening is very healing, being compassionate to another. Smiling at someone just when they need a smile to lift their spirit, and just caring from your heart and sending your love to those you meet. Archangel Raphael says, “We stand beside and walk with you every day. Just a whisper is enough for the angels to help you, and believe me, there are many, many healing angels.”

Thursday 9th June.

Recovery. In this card, see yourself as the Unicorn. Archangel Raphael has helped you to get better from that which did not serve you.

This Unicorn is hesitant to take those first steps to a full recovery, but with Archangel Raphael’s unwavering support, you can finally let go and start a new beginning in the next chapter of your book, which is well-read and a best seller in the akashic library, Find your inner Unicorn and fly, soar high, for I, Archangel Raphael am always with you.

Friday 11th June.

Acceptance- Archangel Gabrielle asks of you that you accept who you are in your entirety. Daughter or Son of One you are worthy of love and praise plus all the nice things you have or would like in your life. Dream Big! The future is yours to create!

Saturday 11th June.

Exercise is key.-It doesn’t matter which sort of exercise you do, as long as you do something. Exercise, as well as keeping your muscles and body moving, also gives you the feel-good factor. You feel brighter, and your eyes shine more. Start off gradually and build up what you love to do. It may be just a stroll, a run or chair exercises but little by little, you will find it becomes easier and more enjoyable. Come and join me down at the gym, in the pool or at the park.

Sunday 12th June.

Avoid Allergens. This is the time of year for many plant allergies to come to the forefront. Keep an eye open for where if plant allergies affect you, the plants grow and avoid them where you can. I ride my charger quickly to aid you and guide you to things and people, which will help ease the allergy. Eating local honey if you are not diabetic helps.

 Master Quan Yin.
                                                                       Master Quan Yin.

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Gabrielle’s Golden Flowers of Joy.

Sharing my lovely sunny daffodils with everyone. Have a lovely day. Love Lins xxx

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host of golden daffodils,

Besides the lake  beneath the trees

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

William Wordsworth


The Earth Our Home.


The Earth Our Home.


A gentle breeze does touch my face.

Within my heart, God’s loving embrace,

Of peace, of love for everything.

Joyously, this love does sing.

Beneath my feet on soft green grass,

The love of Mother for all that ask,

For all who care just walk as one.

Enjoy the trees, the flowers, the sun.

Sweet Mother Earth, our life, our home.

Feel her heart wherever you roam.

By still waters, always a calming place,

Send Mother Earth love and feel her grace.

For she will smile, as will God above,

Filling your heart with so much love.

And the angels sing to all that hear,

Feel us in your hearts, we are always near.

To help you and to hold you in God’s love,

We send to you a peaceful dove.

To fly around the world with you,

God Bless You and all you do.


Written By Lindsey. P. Harrison




Rock Painting At Nanny’s

Rock painting at Nanny’s.
Grandad painted the whale. Bella finished her polar bears and painted a penguin. The sunflower was painted by Janet a few weeks ago.
They all need the back painted and then to be varnished.
We use ordinary children’s poster paint and then I used clear nail varnish last time. That’s for adults only to do.
I will post them finished in the near future.
Love and Blessings Lins, xxx.
You are allowed to sing, jig about and make funny noises whilst painting.
3 cheers for grandad who managed to cope whilst he had toothache when Bella dropped a plastic spatula with yellow paint on it. Casper had been lying nicely near us waiting for just such a moment. Quick as a flash he dashed under the table and got it.
He wouldn’t let Dave and I get it and moved under all the chairs. Bella said “I’ll get it from him” and quick as a flash disappeared under the table and snatch it from Casper. The yellow paint was gone and she spent the next half hour asking Casper if she could see his tongue to see if it was yellow.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

Take a walk on the wild side.

 In May 2019 we stayed on holiday at Sandford near Poole, Dorset. England. We were surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers at the caravan site we stayed at. It really was a nice place to stay that had very old trees. Casper loved his walks and met lots of doggie friends.

We were extremely lucky with the weather and it was sunny and warm but not too hot Monday to Thursday. On Wednesday we visited the RSPB nature reserve at Arne, Dorset.

As we drove down the single-car country road with ditches at the sides, the gorse bushes adding a beautiful splash of bright yellow against green foliage I said to my husband. “We’re going to have an adventure today. We haven’t had an adventure for a long time.”  Little did we know the day’s adventure before us, as like intrepid explorers of new places, we boldly parked the car where we have never been before!

We had planned to have a meal, drink and use the facilities and then have a wander around. We paid for the car park and also was given an additional car park ticket for the disabled car park nearer the shore which was half a mile away from that but had viewpoints on the way.

I thought I would walk Casper up the hill to the cafe and shop, Hubby could drive and I said I would meet him there. I gave him a carrier bag with our water and my phone in it for him to take in the car to save me carrying it up to the cafe. So, we went our separate ways, me with Casper and him with the car. It was a hot day, I had put sunscreen on, had my sunglasses and a sun hat on.

He thought I had meant I would meet him at the 2nd car park, I got to the cafe after a steep climb and waited around asking people if they had seen him. Meanwhile, he’s about a mile away asking people if they had seen me.

I went back to the car park and he wasn’t there, the guides let me use their phone to phone my mobile which was in the bag in the car but I couldn’t remember my number and when I tried twice it was wrong the second time there was no signal as it was a remote area.

I went back to the crossroads by the cafe hoping he would drive back. Along comes a walking couple who had met my husband and knew he was looking for me. They said the best route to take to meet him was up in this woodland and down a road which would take me to the point where they had seen him, I had a map so I could see where I was going but I didn’t realise how far it was. I kept going sure that he would still be at the disabled car park. I was keeping in the shade when there was some and carried on along this farm track in between two beautiful green fields with either wheat or grass growing in them. The countryside views were stunning and I saw some birds.  In the distance, I could see teachers and school children. I had passed another group of primary school children earlier.  So, I walked up a slight hill and back down again as we trundle on, me and my faithful Casper. I started to laugh and could see the funny side of it as nothing we do is straightforward when we go out. A bit further on I got angry and stomped away mumbling to the dog who I then snapped at for taking too long sniffing some hedgerow. I told myself out loud it was not fair for me to take it out on him and apologised to Casper who happily plodded on without a care in the world.

Eventually, I got to the disabled car park and OUR CAR WASN’T THERE!!!

As I was pondering which way to go I met some more walkers who said they had not long been along the path to the beach I was going to take and that there was nobody down there. They let me use their phone to call my mobile but I did have the number incorrect. They walked on and I decided to return. There was only one car left in that car park without any people in it so there was no chance of getting a lift back plus I had no idea of how long they would be. I started walking back the way I had come. The people I met walked much faster than I did as I was really struggling. So back up the hill we go and then I saw they had stopped by a car and were speaking to hubby who was coming my way. I took my hat off and waved it at him but he didn’t see me. I was so relieved when he picked me up. So was Casper, who didn’t make a sound on the way back to the holiday park we were staying at. I thought we were going to have an argument but I think neither of us thought it was worth it. Hubby jokes he keeps trying to lose me but I keep coming back, but he had been concerned. When I had gone one way he had not long driven in the opposite direction. He kept meeting people who had met me and had also gone back to the starting point and the assistants had told him I was going up to the cafe.

I told myself off once in the car because I totally ignored all the safety things to do when in the countryside. I had no mobile. More importantly, no water, no food and it was quite remote where I was walking and if I had collapsed, I may not have been found for a long time. I did stay on the track and road but it was still very irresponsible of me to walk like that. I simply didn’t realise how far I had to go.

It was indeed an adventure; one I could have done without. All this was over 3 hours Hubby reckons 4.

Back at our caravan, I couldn’t believe it when Hubby told me his mobile phone number was on Casper’s collar all the time!!!

Here are two videos of this beautiful place which I thought would be good to share here.

Which way now?

A Visit To Saint Michael And All Angels Church, Somerton, Somerset. England.

A Visit To Saint Michael And All Angels Church, Somerton, Somerset. England.

On holiday at Thorny Lakes, near Mulcheney in Somerset, I was fortunate to be able to visit Saint Michael and All Angels Church in the market town of Somerton.

Somerton was once the capital of Wessex before Winchester and has a very rich history of early times in England. The emblem for Wessex is a Wyvern. (Dragon)

The monks of Mulcheney Abbey carved the nave ceiling of the church with Wyverns (dragons) in each archway of the ceiling leading to the altar There are many interesting bosses with carvings of Angels, The Greenman, Dragons, acorns, local crops and trades, and heraldry.

I sat in the 12th-century pews whilst looking for certain icons on the ceiling. It was very peaceful. Here are my photos from my visit.

Here is the Somerton link. It’s a lovely town to visit.